Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT

The Status of Women Council of the Northwest Territories

The Council was established by the Status of Women Council Act in April 1990.


Our Mission

The Council's objectives are to:

  • develop public awareness

  • promote a change in attitudes

  • encourage relevant discussions

  • review policy and legislation

  • collaborate with and assist partners


Our Vision

  • Equality for women in all aspects of their lives
  • Families, communities, and workplaces free from violence against women
  • A society which respects and includes the diverse experiences and perspectives of all women


The Council is committed to advancing equality of NWT women through:

  • Hearing submissions and suggestions concerning the status of women

  • Research and analysis

  • Participating in relevant programs

  • Reports, studies, and recommendations


We can help

  • if you have concerns about how women are being treated

  • if you want information about any issue related to women

  • if you want help to work for women in your community.