Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT


Personal Advocacy

The Council is mainly a referral agency but does provide advocacy in many different ways. Services that are offered are fax, phone and internet use for clients to locate jobs or help their particular case along. Staff can accompany individuals to appointments such as medical, legal, court, human rights, income support, housing or other. On occation if the issue fits with our mandate we will lobby on behalf of clients as well. We do not provide counseling on legal services. At times, staff may use motivational interviewing and other forms of listening to help move a client in the direction they want to go. Staff can assist with writing or formatting letters or resumes. Whatever the issue may be the Council is here to listen and find the best path in order to resolve/help the issues that women in the NWT face.

Community Development

The Council provides a wide range of community services to help other community groups that focus on women. We have had an increase in requests for design services including posters, web, facebook, pamphlets, media packages, commemorative booklets, annual reports and many other material development. The Council is always open to helping small communities with their events by providing support and advice when possible. We have donated door prizes and provided speeches at several events this past year. We also provide support letter.