Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT

Campaign School

Why do we need a Campaign School for Women?

Major decisions concerning life in the NWT are made each session the NWT Legislative Assembly sits, but women are not an equal part of the decision-making process. Women’s voices, to express their perspectives and priorities, are grossly under-represented. More than ever, it is imperative efforts be made to support more women to take leadership roles and to provide them with knowledge, skills and a supportive network to help them be successful.

For resources on leadership please click the link below. 

If you are interested in participating in a Campaign School please fill out the information below.  We will inform you when our next School is being held. 

The Campaign Schools propose is to support and encourage NWT women interested in running for MLA or other orders of government in the NWT. It plans to do so by providing real supports to prospective candidates in the form of workshop training for both themselves and potential members of their campaign teams, complemented by relevant, up-to-date resource materials participants can take home.

Registration Form, Registration is Free.

Forms can be submitted by fax 867-873-0285 or by emailing If you require any additional information you can call toll free @ 1-888-234-4485.

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