Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT

Coalition Against Family Violence

Violence is not part of our culture and should have no place in our lives!


Family Violence Contacts

Family Violence Awareness Week

The Coalition organizes the theme/materials and holds a territorial launch once a year. This includes a resource kit, poster, and various promotion items that are sent to every community in the NWT and extra materials are always available on request.


When contacting us about the Coalition Against Family Violence, please be sure to address your message as below...

Coalition Against Family Violence NWT
c/o Status of Women Council of the NWT


The Coalition Against Family Violence NWT envisions a peaceful, equitable society where all territorial residents, as individuals, members of families, communities, organizations and governments are valued, respected, safe and free from abuse, violence and inequalities.

It is a territorial interagency group that brings together individuals, non-government and government agencies to share information and undertake projects in keeping with the mandate. The Coalition meets once a month; specific project committees also meet at least monthly.


To increase awareness of family violence issues for NWT residents.

To bring together like-minded people from all sectors of the community to develop, establish and implement specific actions or initiatives to address family violence issues and the needs of those people affected by family violence.

To work collectively to reduce the incidence of family violence and to more effectively respond to family violence in the NWT.

What the Coalition can do for you

  • Provide territorial information
  • Provide needed support
  • Advocate for your needs in the Legislative Assembly
  • Help you access funding (though the Coalition is not a funding body it can point you in the right direction) 
  • Represent your voice at decision tables
  • Great territorial Networking - Have an impact on how governments and non-governments respond to family violence in your community

Information and Recommendations 

Most recent priorities 

Most recent priorities 

Coalition Backgrounder

Coalition Backgrounder

NWT Family Violence Report Card

NWT Family Violence Report Card

Territorial Expansion Evaluation

Territorial Expansion Evaluation

Past Coalition Projects


1999 - Creation of the Coalition                

2000 - Produced pamphlets on custody and peace bonds.

2000-2001 - Family Violence Prevention Research and Planning Coordination for Family Violence Awareness Week

2002 - Research Project – Family Violence in the NWT A survey of Costs, Services & Issues for Action

2003-2004 - Development of NWT Action Plan to Address Family Violence: Implementation and Awareness Community Tool Kit                       

2004-2005 - Supporting Community Prevention and Response to Family Violence (Phase I) - Fourteen workshops were offered in communities resulting in community action plans specific to individual community needs

2007 - Supporting Community Prevention and Response to Family Violence Phase II Sharing Triumphs Video

2008 - Expansion of the Coalition

2010-2011 - Priority setting meetings and review of past Action Plans Recommendations for addressing gaps, shifting attitudes, and enhancing services to ruduce family violence and abuse in the NWT

Core Members of
Coalition Against Family Violence

  • Status of Women Council (Chair)
  • NWT Seniors’ Society
  • Yellowknife Women’s Society
  • The Tree of Peace
  • RCMP
  • NWT Disabilities Council
  • Aurora College
  • North of 60 Military Family Resource Centre
  • Alternitives North
  • Dene Nation
  • Connections Counselling Services
  • Pertice Moffitt – Independent Researcher
  • Arlene Hache – Community Advocate
  • Gail Cyr – Community Advocate
  • Lydia Bardak – Community Advocate
  • Karen Willy - Community Advocate