Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT

Healthy Relationship Songs

1 - Find a song

Select a song. Find the lyrics of the song either from the CD insert, or search for them online. Print out the lyrics, and read them to get a feel for the main themes in the song.

2 - Determine if the song has a relationship theme

Songs with a relationship theme describe an emotional or physical connection between two or more people and support, celebrate or glorify the unhealthy or healthy characteristics of a relationship.

3 - Score the song lyrics

 Score Sheet

Score Sheet

Carefully examine the song’s title and all lyrics in the chorus and verses of the song. Now look at the handout. Check the “present” box for each relationship ingredient that you find in the song. The definitions for each relationship ingredient are at the bottom of the label. Finally, for each ingredient that is present in the song, assign it a score from 1-10 in the “intensity level” box based on how much of that relationship ingredient you feel is in the song. A score of 1 would indicate that there is a very low level of that relationship ingredient in the song while a score of 10 would indicate a very high level. When assigning an intensity score, consider how those particular lyrics impact the overall message of the song.


4 - Total your numbers

Add up the scores from the intensity column in both sections. These totals indicate the unhealthy and healthy relationship “nutritional” value of the song’s lyrics.

5 - Balance your “lyrical” diet

Use this tool whenever you want to find out the relationship ingredients of a song. Just like with the food we eat, it is important to have a healthy “song” diet that includes lots of healthy relationship ingredients. Knowing the ingredients will help you make an informed decision about which songs will promote good relationship health.

Music, like food, can feed our brains and give us energy. But it also can be filled with ingredients that can affect us negatively. Some music may even have an influence on our health and the health of our relationships. Just follow these easy steps.


Below are example of Healthy Relationship Songs people in the NWT have found.  Please send us your scored songs so we can keep adding to the list.  Note that though the lyrics to the song may be healthy sometimes the music video does not show the same kind of healthy relationship.  Something to think about. 

If Tomorrow Never Comes – Garth Brooks (38)

Islands of the Stream – Dolly Parton/Kenny Rodgers (36)

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (32)

Honey Bee – Blake Shelton (30)

Smile – Uncle Kracker (27)

Loving you Easy – Zac Brown Band (25)

Nothin On You – B.o.B (22)

Collide – Leona Lewis (13)

Walk Through this World with me – George Jones (12)

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton (40)

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz (38)

Without You – Buckingham Nicks (36)

Next to Me – Emeli Sande (32)

Queen of Hearts – We the Kings (28)

I’m His Girl – Friends (26)

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars (23)

Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert (16)

Lucky – Jason Mraz (13)

Unhealthy Relationship Songs

  • Wish you were here - Pink Floyd (-1)
  • Moondance - Van Morrison (-1)
  • I’m Yours - Jason Mraz (-9)
  • Boyfriend - Justin Beiber (-12)
  • Two of Us - Aimee Mann (-16)
  • A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (-18)
  • Kiss With a Fist - Florence & The Machine (-19)
  • I Would Die For You - Jann Arden (-20)
  • Give me Everything - Pitbull (-22)
  • Kiss you Inside Out - Hedley (-23)
  • Your Love is My Drug - Kesha (-28)
  • Only Girl - Rihanna (-30)
  • Die For You - New Politics (-30)
  • One More Night - Maroon 5 (-32)
  • Love the Way you Lie - Eminem/Rihanna (-33)
  • Make Me Wanna Die - the Pretty Reckless (-35)