Status of Women Council of the NWT
Status of Women Council of the NWT

The Status of Women Council of the NWT is committed to helping women achieve equality. We believe it is important that women's voices are heard and represented in the political domain.


Local elections in 2018

There will be fourteen (14) local elections in the territory in 2018. Our goal is to achieve a minimum of 30% female representation in our local governments to ensure that their policies and programs reflect women's concerns, experiences, and perspectives. Ultimately, we are striving for equal representation at all levels of government and in leadership positions.

There are numerous resources available for women interested in elected office, at all levels of government. So, we have created this webpage to help identify some useful resources and please feel free to contact us with your suggestions as this page is under construction.


Local government resources

Municipal and Community Affairs, Government of the Northwest Territories, has created various resources to help people seeking elected office. Follow this link to their website  to learn more and click here for a link to their resource webpage, which includes some relevant Made in the NWT videos.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has various resources, including webinars, available to engage and support women in local government. Follow this link to their website to learn more. Their Municipal Elections in Canada: A Guide for Women Candidates offers a lot of useful information and tips.

Good luck!


Other resources

Barbara Lee Foundation

Barbara Lee - Keys to Elected Office

Democracy Kit

Equal Voice

Equal Voice - Getting to the Gate: online campaign school

She Should Run

 The Essential Guide to being Elected: increasing women's representation


Votes for Women 


Advice from Rona Ambrose

Niki Ashton Our Movement: online training

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women